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  • Island of the Gloam Hasher

    This island is located near the Frogmen and is the residence of the [[:gloam-hasher| Gloam Hasher]]. It contains a small cabin (trapped) and garden. The inhabitants are mostly animated mud men, but there is a small crop of the [[Strange Root …

  • Dwarven Dungeon

    Recovered for the frogmen in return for freeing [[:brom-brewbaker | Brom Brewbaker]]. Lizardmen had also claimed the island. 

  • Gloam Hasher

    Little is known of the Gloam Hasher. She dwells on the [[Island of the Gloam Hasher | Island of the Gloam Hasher]] near the frogmen and offers them protection. She has never been seen by the party. She may actually be [[:soda-fe | Soda Fe]]. It is assumed …

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