Valiants of Varnhaven

Investigating a Children's Tale.

Village of the Lost Souls pt.1

Two months later …..

The tensions within Bridgetown are reaching an uncomfortable and sometime explosive mood.  More refugees from the Kingdom of Londor continue to arrive and swell the small villages population.  

The storehouses which were having issues supporting the added populace are now being rationed to make the most of what is available.  Many residents of Bridgetown blame the refugees for their discomfort as well as the odd happenings of late.  Boundless and false rumors circulate the town's tavern and farmsteads.  

Captain Levon has been able to keep the peace down to a few fist fights within the town's boundaries.  

The Duke of Varnhaven has called you to help alleviate some of these issues by investigating and eventually bringing some of the refugees to the Village of Lost Souls.     


dante42 oskavir

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