Scotty Geralt

Adherant of the Veiled Edge


Currently wears the Clawed Necklace


Had it been a normal birth, Scotty would have been born Scotlyn Geralt, the first and only child of Ser Geralt the White, Warden of the Eastern Wall, and his lovely wife the Lady Camilla. Scotty would have been born a minor noble, with wealth but not too much wealth… with power, but not too much power…and eleventh in line to the Londor throne through her mother’s bloodline, far enough to reap the benefits of being a royal scion but never fear any real responsibility.

But Scotty did not have a normal birth. Camilla Yvonne had dallied with member of an ambassador’s entourage some months before, and the new babe bore no resemblance to the towering physique of Ser Geralt, with his white hair and icy blue eyes… instead she had darker skin, black hair, and green eyes with a slight cant to them, revealing the blood traits of the Kilthani people, Londoran trade partners to the distant West.

However, due to Camilla’s lineage back to the royal family, neither she nor the infant Scotlyn could be tossed aside by the cuckolded Warden. Instead, Scotlyn was raised quietly, not introduced at court, and lived a life of relative obscurity.

Scotty did not want for much, though… her mother made sure she was properly tutored, and her jade green eyes and adventurous spirit eventually swayed even Ser Geralt… though not enough for him to claim her as an heir to his estates. She was at least cared for, and could claim a family of sorts at Ser Geralt’s Keep along the Eastern Wall.

Once Scotty finished with her primary tutors she was left with more time than duty. With no real responsibilities, she looked for ways to entertain herself. Scotty first trained with Ser Geralt’s master-at-arms, trying out the way of the sword and bow. She next tried hunting with the rangers of the Eastern Keep, and then even studied with the war mage Eos Tuener for a few months. Eventually she realized the brutish weapons of steel and iron, or tracking spoor through mud and muck, or the arcane tutelage in cryptic formulae, none of these were to her liking.

So Scotty sought out alternative training. Eventually she found a mentor in an old woman named Naoko Rei, a humble gardener (and a retired master of the Way of the Veiled Edge.) Scotty had seen Naoko react to catch not one, not two, but five falling flower pots tumbling from a high ledge, with the speed of a snake and the grace of a stalking panther.

After much badgering, Naoko Rei finally agreed to take Scotty as a protégé, teaching her the monastic arts of the Elder Li’Siridosa.

(Montage of the first two years… Naoko using mystic Miyagi gardening techniques to teach Scotty balance, strength, patience, and focus)

Interlude: Scotty blows up about being little more than Naoko’s servant. Naoko pushes Scotty’s buttons and reveals the secret monk learnings hidden in the gardening techniques. Scotty realizes she’s mastered the basics and never knew it!

(Montage of the next three years as Naoko starts teaching Scotty some advanced monk bad-assery)

Naoko Rei passed away quietly in her bed when Scotty was 21. Scotty sent a raven to the monastery, and to her surprise a band of seventeen monks came from the temple to pay their respects to the old gardener. They said no, Naoko had specifically asked to NOT be returned to the temple for her final resting place, but instead had picked out a spot not too far from the Eastern Keep, overlooking a placid lake, as her gravesite. Scotty helped dig the grave, and planted an oak sapling over it in remembrance.

The monks were weirdly excited to learn Naoko had taken on one last student, but Scotty had little interest in monkly pursuits and refused to speak with them further. She did read Naoko’s final will, and was surprised to see that Naoko had left her two things… an timeworn, tattered leather book with an image of a dragon claw on the cover, filled with ancient koans and temple apocrypha, and an old, tarnished sword in a wooden scabbard. She sent the monks on their way as she pondered the meaning of these gifts….

Not long after Naoko’s death, havoc erupted in the capital city of Londor. In a single night the King and the next five heirs were assassinated, throwing the city into chaos. Ser Geralt was summoned back to attend council and Camilla locked herself down within the Keep. In the weeks that followed, more deaths, more chaos, and never once did a perpetrator come forth to claim responsibility. Eventually the turmoil died down, leaving a dozen members of the royal house slain and the family’s power severely diminished.

But by then Camilla had already sent Scotty east, over the wall and through the plains on a caravan whose loyalty and secrecy were bought with gold and threats. (It is rumored that Eos Tuener keeps small vials of blood in a locked ossuary, magically enforcing the loyalty of select servants).

Scotty was eventually brought to the gates of the Silk Flower Meadery near Bridgetown, stripped of anything that might suggest her connection to the noble families of Londor, and instructed to blend in, stay quiet, and wait for further instruction.

That was almost two years ago.

Scotty is getting bored.

Scotty Geralt

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