Lyal Brewbaker

Manipulative Conjuring Cuss


Lyal is the grandfather of Brom Brewbaker and the father of Edon Brewbaker.

He made a deal with the frogmen to swap a year of his grandsons life in return for some wierd berries that he hoped would boost his brewing style. In additon, he got his hands on some of the Strange Root from the Gloam Hasher to boost his crops.

When the frogmen wanted the kid, Lyal reneged on the deal and tried to hide him, blaming the frogmen for the disappearance. Brom was safely returned after the party assaulted the Dwarven Dungeon

Lyal tried to keep the child from the party by summoning mud golems that turned on him, killing him in a single blow.

Lyal Brewbaker

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