Welcome, Valiants of Varnhaven!

I set this page up so that we could have a good communication hub for our game. We have pieces of paper and scraps all over the place! I'm going to keep adding stuff here and encourage you to as well. Take a look and poke around the links on the right hand side

The calendar is where we will list our upcoming games, who the DM will be and what adventure they are running. If we are going to skip for any reason, we will put it up here as well.

The adventure log will contain session summaries as we move forward.

The wiki contains items, locations, organizations and such that your have encountered or heard about. 

Characters are where both NPC's and PC's reside. You can also add your character sheet in there if you. Imsh is a good example of this. 



Valiants of Varnhaven

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