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  • Veiled Edge

    The Elder Li’Siridosa and the Veiled Edge:

    There are not many wyrms as ancient or as powerful as the Elder Li’Sidirosa.  Such beings might have been born of the primordial chaos that formed the world, …

  • Clawed Necklace

    The necklace was found in the strange underground town full of reptilian people encased in amber. It was worn by a serpentine warrior killed by the party. 

    Grants one extra Ki point when worn by a practitioner of the Veiled Edge.

  • Scotty Geralt

    Had it been a normal birth, Scotty would have been born Scotlyn Geralt, the first and only child of Ser Geralt the White, Warden of the Eastern Wall, and his lovely wife the Lady Camilla. Scotty would have been born a minor noble, with wealth but not too …

  • Serpentfolk Warrior

    Encountered in a lost city under a bandit cave, he was roaming the city. He also was wearing [[Clawed Necklace | Clawed Necklace]] bearing the icon of the [[Veiled Edge | Veiled Edge]].

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