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  • Imsh

    Imsh is the son of the orcish war god and a Londorian noblewoman. She gave him up not longer after birth and placed him in the car of the Londorian War Wizards. He was trained in their ways, but never quite developed as a wizard, but he had a natural …

  • Kirwin

    About 20 years ago he was a member of the druid circle up north. They were hearing about some weird stuff going on down in Black Witch Bog from the peat farmers that had recently moved in to that region. He went out to investigate and promptly vanished. …

  • Soda Fe

    Not sure who she is, but she may actually be the [[:gloam-hasher | Gloam Hasher]]. References to he were found in the logs of the ship that was blown inland to the swamp. She was being pursued by [[:guz-al-rud | Guz Al Rud]].

  • Gloam Hasher

    Little is known of the Gloam Hasher. She dwells on the [[Island of the Gloam Hasher | Island of the Gloam Hasher]] near the frogmen and offers them protection. She has never been seen by the party. She may actually be [[:soda-fe | Soda Fe]]. It is assumed …

  • Inder the Wisp

    Inder the Wisp is an acclaimed bard from the royal court in Londor. His productions were in great demand. He was recently seen performing for the harvest festival at the manor of the [[:duke-of-varnhaven | Duke of Varnhaven]].

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