Time Lost Druid


About 20 years ago he was a member of the druid circle up north. They were hearing about some weird stuff going on down in Black Witch Bog from the peat farmers that had recently moved in to that region. He went out to investigate and promptly vanished. He was assumed dead somewhere in the bog. But then he turned up a few months/weeks/days ago looking like the fresh faced kid he was 20 years ago.

Along with his return, his left hand is laced with dark veins that protrude noticeably from his skin. This seems to be tied to his weird non-druid magic. He generally keeps it covered via robe or glove. When he shape changes into an animal, his front left leg always has a distinct markings running up it.

Also, since he has come back, he has a song/poem/chant stuck in his head. He can’t always recall it all, and pieces come and go in his mind. But he tends to chant/hum/sing it when idle or in weird situations. He’s not sure where it came from or why it’s permanently stuck in his head, but he is constantly trying to complete it or find missing pieces of it.

So once he got back, he went and saw the druids. They did not kick him out of the circle, but many of them were clearly uncomfortable with his skills, missing years and creepy arm. So they gave him an assignment to keep an eye on the whirlpool in Bridgetown. Since it only opens twice a year, he has a lot of free time. He tends to the shrine of the nature gods, which is just a little garden with a pond in it. It really does not require much tending. So he wanders around town and meets various people and keeps an eye on them, supplying herbal remedies and blessings and such. In short he’s bored.


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