Valiants of Varnhaven

The Bargain of the Nine

Last week the group helped the Sanderson farm settle an old score with a local goblin tribe.  Thankful Pa Sanderson spilled his guts on all the behind scenes he was aware of. 

He told of a secret vote between the Nine families involving the coven of bog hags living nearby in the swamp.  The witches had first come asking for the daughters of the small community in exchange for an abundance of peat.  The coven was denied but when they returned to ask for the lives if strangers …. few families refused the deal.  Those families that accepted have seen a peofitable year like none other.  Those that refused have met with mishaps, accidents, and possibly even a goblin raid.

Knowing that Magda the Bog Witch is behind the vanishings and other mishaps in town the brave party has decided to bait Magda and the town by having the newest and unknown arrivals of the group pose as a seperate party.


dante42 dante42

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