Valiants of Varnhaven

Ritual Murder

So last time we met, you had been charged by the the Duke of Varnhaven to solve a grisly murder.  A murder that had the stink of arcane body swapping ritual all over it.  Something beyond the norm for Captain Levon and his crew of ex-farm hands and country folk guardsmen.

Your best clue was a blackened charred root, something you had seen before when Lyal came back from his disasterous deal with the Frogmen and the Gloam Hasher. Lyal had used his roots to raise monsters of mud and ooze near his profane altar in the woods, trying and failing to find a path back to prosperity and prominence.

You know those these roots have some sort of power, but you're not sure how its all connected.  The "duke" is convinced this killer has struck before, but was sneaky and subtle enough to avoid leaving any clues.  And he's convinced the killer will strike again, especially now with the influx of new victims from Londar, refugees seeking shelter within the Dukes domain.


dante42 dante42

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