Valiants of Varnhaven

Into the Swamps

So last week you fought fires, investigated some arson, found some clues (some crude arrows, a chipped knife wrapped in aligator hide, a broken clay pot with dried black mud inside, and a twisted, black root you found in a dried up puddle of mud), headed to the swamp, fought some wolves, met old Toothless Harrell, and decided to go visit the Frogmen.  

You skirted the swamp until you found a path leading deeper into the muck, and ultimately to a hermit named Toothless Harrell.  He offers guide services and information, and ultimately some facilitation in negotiating with some of the other creatures living in the swamps.

Toothless Harrell warns you that the Frogmen aren't so friendly any more.  He still does some trade with them, but is cautious and wary.  He knows that the Gloam Hasher has taken up residence with them, but hasn't seen her directly since she arrived.   He thinks she is a Bog Witch who was exiled or fled from the Black Witch Bog, but doesn't know for sure.  He knows that she's dark and scary.

Toothless Harrell's hut is built on stilts, keeping it above the muck.  A rickety wooden patio surrounds all four sides, covered in an amalgamation of oiled canvas, wood shingles, and animal skins.  Several wooden rocking chairs are scattered about, along with small crates he's flipped to make tables.  

Pots and planters over flow with flowers, herbs, and berry bushes.   Tomatoes, pepper plants, beans,  even some planters with rows of onions and potatoes line the railings of his patio. Stringers of fish hang to dry in the sun.  On the side of his patio overlooking the water, fishing poles lean against the railing, their lines stretching off into the water.  Harrell pasues to tug at a rope, pulling a trap up out of the water.

"Crawdads have been plump this year.  I'll toss some of these in a stew, if yer stickin' around for a bit."  He pulls out a crayfish as large as your fist, looking it over before dropping it into a nearby pot and reaching back into the trap.   "Got a dozen of these things in here!"  

He fishes the clicking, wriggling crawdads out of the traps and drops it back in the water.  He ambles through his pots and planters, plucking off peppers and pulling up a few potatoes.

"So… uh… you guys stickin around for a bit then?  Wanna eat some lunch before we go see dem frogs?"


dante42 dante42

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