Valiants of Varnhaven

Dungeon of the Swamp Frogs

So last week you went to meet the Frogmen, who were pretty blunt with yout…

  • nope we don't have the kid
  • but we are owed three years of servitude from that kid
  • Lyal made the deal in exchange for some seeds
  • Lyal didn't keep his end of the bargain, so we burned the bushes down
  • No, we didn't burn any of the rest of the farm.  We're not MONSTERS
  • You want to change the terms of the deal?  You fight our champion.  You win, you get to decide how the terms are met.  We win, and WE decide.

And then the frogman champion beat up Jason with a dead fish.

The Frogmen agreed to release both the boy and Lyal from their obligations in exchange for you guys clearing out an abandond dwarven fort, deeper in the swamp, so the Frogmen could move in.

Harrell was squeemish about going deeper in to the swamp, but agreed to drop you off at the stone pier…

A path from the pier lead up to a patio of sorts, where visitors or dignitaries could meet with the dwarven commanders above ground for discussions and negotiations.  However, the patio was now sunk in to a foot of water, and inhabited by a couple of giant land crabs.  MELEE!!

And Jason gets beat up by seafood.

After you cleared the slime from your eyes, you made your way deeper into the abandond fort… now soaked with swamp water, covered in algae, and crumbling apart.  The first room you found was a chapel to the dwarven god Grimli, of the Fiery Axe, that still hummed with faint dwarven mojo.  Past that, a gaurd room at the base of a watch tower, with a distant buzzing, far above.

at the top of the tower, you found a couple of giant WASPS, left behind to protect their nest, while the rest of the hive did battle with a band of LIZARDMEN below.  The lizardmen took a couple of pot shots at you, but you easily ducked them and went back down the stairs.

You continued to explore, and found a long, sloping hallway leading under the water.  The hallway was trapped, and you narrowly missed the chance to be roasted alive.  Instead, you bypassed the trap to find a workshop further below.  

Benches, tools, rotting supplies, and a … crocodile?  Aligator?  Hard to tell.  As you got closer to the contraption floating in the dive pool, ropey tendreils of seaweed snaked out at you wrapping themselves around you and pulling you under.

And Jason gets beat up by nori.

Eventually you pulled the seaweed off you, chopped it into small enough bits to not be a threat any more, and settled down… figuring what with the trap up the hall and this room cleaerd out, it might be a good place to get a rest.


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