Valiants of Varnhaven

Downtime Part I

Having returned victorious from your journey into the swamp you have gained a small amount of fame.

The Captain was very interested to hear about the adventure and asked for it to be repeated a few times. His main points of interest were in Lyle's crops, theft from the Gloam Hasher and the mud creatures / golems. In order to protect the Brewbaker Farmstead and reputation the Captain asked that you leave out Lyle's involvement. At least the least savory parts of kidnapping, theft, and ritual magic.

The first week was full of questions, free drinks, and asking to hear the journey's events once more. The stories eventually became less asked for and life returned to normal.

The Brewbaker farmstead has been very quiet of late and not many of the family have come into town since the "illness" that claimed Lyle's life.

The Gripplie were able to move onto the southern lake shores with very little trouble or incident. Many of the children have befriended the little frog children and are often seen running around playing a new game called "leap frog".

Chief Acro has been working on building relations between the town and his village and has offered and had his village help in the replanting of the Brewbaker's burnt fields. Their love and skill with plants has been seen as a blessing and a boon to Bridgetown. The loss of the Brewbaker's crops may not be as devastating as first thought. With good weather and time it may not be long before the farmstead is back in order.

Spring fades away and summer arrives with its blistering heat and humidity. The Summer "Pool" Festival is fast approaching and although the blacksmith continues to work upon the "crocodile" boat he believes it will still be incomplete before the whirlpool's summer arrival. He hopes that the parts he has ordered will arrive with Thimble's next visit closer to the Pool Harvest.

The travelling merchant Thimble has come through town in time for the Festival. His wagon is always loaded up with cloth, tools, food stuffs, alchemical supplies and a few strange sundries. Somewhere along the way he also picked up a set of magic bracers of archery (450gp), a bag of holding (400gp), gem of seeing (3,300gp) and a potion of hill giant strength (200gp).

The town is ready for the Summer Pool Festival and it may be needed in order to relieve tensions.

Bandits have attacked the keep of Duke Varnhelm and many of his men were slain. In order to replenish his guards, the Duke has recalled all the soldiers except for Captain Levon. The villagers are worried that their defenses will be weakened, and have increased the training of the local militia.

Captain Levon has asked for Thorum the blacksmith to aid in training the town militia and asked for all tested and blooded to volunteer for nightly patrols.

The Festival is a mere two nights away and the low hum of excitement in town has steadily increased to an audible hum in the air.


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